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Are you being hassled by a bailiff for council tax arrears, a fine or other debt? We can help.

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Our three golden rules

Do NOT let them in.

You are not obliged to let anyone into your home, so don't.

Do NOT be intimidated.

You don't have to speak to bailiffs and do not respond to intimidation.

Do NOT sign anything.

You simply mustn't sign anything a bailiff or bailiff company puts in front of you.

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Sandra Roland

five stars for dealing with Whyte & Co Bailiffs
Very Helpful Solved my Issue Very quickly

I was very upset when I first contacted My bailiff advice, the first thing they did was explain that I didn't need to worry. The whole team were very helpful and I now don't dread the postman or my phone ringing.

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In arrears with Council Tax?

My Bailiff Advice is here to help. We provide expert confidential advice, get rid of bailiffs, mediate with your local council and create affordable repayment plans for you outstanding council tax arrears.

We help people go on living without the burden or fear of being in arrears to the council and bailiffs. Our team are experienced, professionals ready to help you deal with intimidating bailiffs.

Get rid of the bailiff today.

Every day we help hundreds of people just like you. While the bailiffs stand at your door, our experienced case workers are on the phone to your local authority stopping intimidating bailiff action.

If you owe money to your local council and they have threatened bailiff action, speak to us and we can get you on the road to paying off your council tax arrears today.

Know Your Rights

Bailiffs cannot break in unless they have been given permission to do so by the court.

If you allow a bailiff into your home, they can force entry on their next visit.

You have a right to appoint a representative. The bailiff may claim they don't work with third party representatives such as us but we know better.

Affordable Payments

Bailiffs shouldn't be forcing anyone to pay more than they actually can to their local authority.

It is your right to work with us at My Bailiff Advice to set up affordable monthly repayments.

We can help you to clear your council tax arrears with your council.

Expert Bailiff Advice

Learn about your rights and exactly how to deal with a bailiff at your door.

Success Stories

We've helped thousands of people repay their council tax arrears

Company Values

We're serious about helping people because we've had bailiff problems too.

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